Met Living Room & Library/Dining Room4 Photos
Bold colors make the Living Room stunning. The tapestry fabrics and Oriental carpet make it inviting and comfortable in a more relaxed way. The baby grand piano is often played when entertaining. A Library/Sitting Room that converts to a Dining Room on occasion is a perfect solution in a Manhattan apartment with growing children. Kids can sit on the floor to watch TV and adults can read or sit on a nearby sofa. When a Dining Room is needed the drop leaf table forms the centerpiece of the Dining table and two demi- lune tables are placed at the table ends. The Library arm chairs become host chairs and side chairs from Foyer and Living Room complete the number of chairs needed for dining.

Living Room close to the Met

This Living Room is done in a relaxed Traditional style. The "round" table in the corner is actually two demi- lune tables placed together. At times they are used in the Dining Room to lengthen the Dining Room table. The blue patterned loveseat is opposite the chair and ottoman creating a spot for conversation or listening to the piano. Rosemary Carroll

Library / Dining Room close to the Met

This is the Library/ Dining Room. Multi purpose rooms make a lot of sense in Manhattan. Most of the year this is a Library /Sitting Room. The children can watch TV here and there's plenty of space for putting your feet up on the ottoman and relaxing. On those occasions when the space becomes a Dining Room ; some changes take place. 1. The drop leaf table is moved from the wall to the center of the room. 2. The two demi-lune tables are brought from the Living Room and put at each end of the table. 3. The two teal colored arm chairs become Host chairs. 4. Tapestry covered side chairs are brought from the Foyer and placed at the table. And Voila! We're ready for a formal dinner! Photography by Rosemary Carroll

Met Living Room & Library/Dining Room

The Library /Dining Room set for dining. We have opened the drop leaf table in the center of the room and added the two demi-lune tables at the ends. With the host chairs and side chairs at the table we are ready for dining. Photography by Rosemary Carroll